No. 101 – The Ides of May

Theresa May image ©European Pressphoto Agency

Chris Weston’s prog 2036 Judge Dredd cover featuring Judge Pin of the sinister SJS vs. UK Conservative Party politician Theresa May

Weston: “With my reference in hand, I then produced a prelim of Judge Pin in all her murderous glory. I ‘May’ have looked at some photos of a prominent politician for more inspiration… Possibly one known for making dramatic ‘cuts’ to the police force, who can say? We all know S.J.S stands for Strong, Just and Stable, right?”

The Special Judicial Squad, or SJS, first appeared in prog 86, drawn by Brian Bolland, but it was in prog 91 that Mike McMahon finalised the uniform design featuring the Gestapo-like skull badge and distinctive shoulder pad on which the wearer’s name is emblazoned.

Theresa May (MP for Maidenhead since 1997) has served as Prime Minister of the UK and Leader of the Conservative Party since July 2016.

Prog 2036 at 2000 AD Covers Uncovered


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