No. 109 – Waughkenstein

Arnold Schwarzenegger at Mr. Olympia 1974 (photo ©George Butler)

Devlin Waugh by Sean Phillips from Judge Dredd: The Megazine Vol. 2 #5 vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terry-Thomas [sic*] (1911–1990, right panel, insert)

Writer John Smith described Waugh as an hedonist: “… a languorous upper-class misfit, a fop, an ex-public schoolboy with a neat line in sarcasm. A lounge lizard. Imagine Noël Coward as played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.”** Phillips visualised him with the Terry-Thomas trademark gap in his teeth†.

*Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens added the dash to his stage name Terry Thomas in 1946 to form a “trade name” and mimic the gap in his front teeth
** [2000 AD Online “Brand New! Devlin Waugh – Swimming In Blood“, Tumblr] [John Smith Interview by Grant Goggans, Class of ’79]


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