No. 113 – Johnny’ll Fix It

Jimmy Savile image ©BBC

Johnny Sahib from prog 2043’s Greysuit by John Higgins vs. Sir Jimmy Savile OBE*, KCSG** (1926–2011), television and radio personality

Highly respected during his lifetime for his charity work, claims were widely publicised in 2012 that Savile had committed numerous acts of child sex abuse (although allegations of child abuse against him date back to 1963), the scale of which was described as being “unprecedented” (BBC), and the number of potential victims as “staggering” (The Daily Telegraph). By the end of a formal criminal investigation the Metropolitan Police stated that the total number of Savile’s alleged victims was 450.

*British chivalric order: Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (apparently Savile cannot be posthumously stripped of his knighthood)
**Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great (an Order of Knighthood of the Holy See)


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