No. 120 – Cthulhu Howard

Cthulhu Howard from prog 1923’s Survival Geeks by Neil Googe (coloured by Gary Caldwell) vs. H.P. Lovecraft’s (1890–1937) Cthulhu [not necessarily this particular image*]

Lovecraft achieved relatively little success as a writer in his lifetime and it has only been posthumously that his work, particularly his Cthulhu Mythos stories, has gained literary recognition and garnered a large cult following that has resulted in numerous reprints of his short stories, and merchandise that includes Cthulhu stuffed toys. His work has been hugely influential in comics.

Earns a place in the HoH because it’s not actually Cthulhu him- or itself, and by virtue of the fact that we are apparently Survival Geeks only fans.

*The Great Old One by Jorge Jacinto [JJcanvas,]

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