No. 54 – Harlem Heroes

Harlem Globetrotters image ©Lennox McLendon/Associated Press

Harlem Heroes written by Pat Mills and Tom Tully and drawn by Dave Gibbons for prog 1 vs. Harlem Globetrotters (pictured here in a 1970’s lineup)

Founded in 1926 as the Chicago GlobeTrotters [sic] and renamed in 1929, the Harlem Globetrotters are an exhibition basketball team combining athleticism, theater and comedy. Over the years they have played more than 26,000 exhibition games in 122 countries and territories.

The idea for Harlem Heroes was loosely based on the film Rollerball (United Artists, 1975), based on the short story Roller Ball Murder (William Morrow & Co., 1974) by the film’s screenplay writer William Harrison (1933–2013).


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