No. 59 – The Stainless Steel Rat

Prog 141’s cover featuring The Stainless Steel Rat written by Harry Harrison (1925–2012) and drawn by Carlos Ezquerra (1947–2018) v actor James Coburn (1928–2002)

Cursed Earth Koburn

Pictured above in the role of Derek Flint in Our Man Flint (1966), the first of two Flint parodies of Universal Artists’ popular James Bond franchise [followed by In Like Flint (20th Century Fox, 1967)], incorporating elements of pulp hero Doc Savage. Coburn was artist Ezquerra’s model for the eponymous James Bolivar diGriz (aka Slippery Jim) in Harrison’s adaptation of his Stainless Steel Rat novels for 2000 AD, a character that first appeared in 1957 in Astounding magazine and later as the protagonist of a series of comic sci-fi novels.

Ezquerra was something of a Coburn fan and has, over the years, drawn a number of characters that closely resemble him, eg. Major Easy (Battle Picture Weekly) and Judge Dredd spin-off character Cursed Earth Koburn.


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