No. 99 – Babooshka

Prog 561’s (1988) Durham Red* futuregraph by Carlos Ezquerra (1947–2018) v Kate Bush in a still from her music video Babooshka from the album Never For Ever (1980)

Bush’s costume was based on the illustration Raven (1977) by Cypriot-born and UK-based fantasy artist Chris Achilléos, which featured on the cover of Uriah Heep’s Fallen Angel (Bronze/Chrysalis, 1978).

Bush has admitted that at the time she was unaware that babushka [бабушка] is the Russian word for grandmother, presumably mistaking the word for a lover’s term of endearment.

*Durham Red, incidentally, is a also breed of cattle combining the north east English Shorthorn with the Red Angus, developed in the mid-18th century


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