No. 146 – Dash Decent

Prog 178’s (1980) Dash Decent written by Dave Angus* and Kevin O’Neill and drawn by O’Neill v Flash Gordon portrayed here by Buster Crabbe (1908–1983), with Jean Rogers (1916–1991) as Dale Arden in the 1936 film serial**

The strip featured the madcap adventures of Dash, Dale Ardent and Dr. Zellamy on the planet Pongo, ruled by evil emperor Pong the Malignant.

Flash Gordon – at least the re-runs of the 1936 version with which those of us growing up in the UK in the 70s are most familiar – was the first screen adventure for the comic strip character created by Alex Raymond (1909–1956) two years earlier in 1934.

Although Mike Hodges’ cult classic Flash Gordon (Universal Pictures) was also released in 1980, we reckon Dash Decent was more of an affectionate homage to the earlier incarnation, especially as Hodges’ film was itself something of its own parody/homage.

*Better known for his work on the adventures of Disney’s Scrooge McDuck
**Popular during the first half of the 20th century, a film or movie serial was a feature film divided into a series of short episodes played in consecutive order at theaters, usually advancing weekly until conclusion


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