No. 159 – Shane

Johnny Alpha in the Strontium Dog story Incident on Mayger Minor (progs 490496 (1986)) written by Alan Grant and drawn by Carlos Ezquerra (1947–2018) v George Stevens’ Shane (1953), title character played by Alan Ladd (1913–1964)

Scroggy Froggett, every bit as annoying as Joey Starrett

The theme of the mysterious, benevolent stranger haunted by a violent past who returns to their old ways to save a threatened community has been employed by Hollywood on countless occasions since Shane, notably in Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider (Warner Bros., 1986), at the end of which Joey Starrett’s (Brandon De Wilde (1942–1972)) parting words to Shane are recited pretty much word-for-word by Megan Wheeler (Sydney Penny); and Logan (20th Century Fox, 2017) in which, at the end of the film, Shane’s farewell words to Joey are actually recited verbatim [spoiler alert!] over Logan’s (Hugh Jackman) grave by Laura (Dafne Keen).Home

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