No. 175 – Lord Humungus

Lord Humungus image ©Warner Bros.

Prog 1975’s (2016) Judge Dredd cover by Brendan McCarthy for the story The Grindstone Cowboys* (progs 19731977, written by Michael Carroll and drawn by Colin McNeil, colours by Len O’Grady), featuring “giant mutie” v Humungus played by Swedish actor Kjell Nilsson in Mad Max 2 [aka The Road Warrior] (1981)

Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th (2009)

Also rather long-windedly referred to as the Lord Humungus, Warrior of the Wasteland, Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, it was posited in a 1985 essay by film critic Danny Peary that writer/director George Miller envisioned the character as “a former military officer who suffered severe facial burns,” and who “might have served in the same outfit as his counterpart, Pappagallo [idealistic leader of the settlers barricaded in the oil refinery].”**

Personally, we feel this could be a toss-up between Humungus and Jason Vorhees from the hugely successful Friday the 13th horror film franchise, but it weighs heavily in Humungus’ favour as cover artist McCarthy himself worked as a concept artist [and holds a writing credit] on Mad Max: Fury Road (Warner Bros./Village Roadshow Pictures, 2015).

*The title of the Dredd story is a nod to the American country music song Rhinestone Cowboy (Capitol Records, 1975), written by Larry Weiss and most famously recorded by singer Glen Campbell (1936–2017)
**The Filmist (19 Sep. 2009)

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