No. 195 – Oh, Lordy! It’s the…

Sharon (“Shaz”) and Tracey (“Trace”) from the Robo-Hunter story Aces of Slades* (progs 813816 (1992–1993)) written by Mark Millar and drawn by Anthony Williams v Sandra “San” Burke and Tracey “Tray” Tunstall, aka. The Fat Slags, created by Graham Dury**, from Viz

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Founded in 1979 by Chris Donald, British comic magazine Viz lampoons post-war British children’s comics such as The Beano (D.C. Thomson & Co.) and The Dandy (D.C. Thomson & Co., 1937–2012 [annuals excepted]), tabloid newspapers, and occasionally politicians (although the publication has no particular political standpoint). Notable for its use of vulgar language, black comedy and “toilet humour,” Viz reached a peak circulation of 1.2 million in the early 90s† with characters such as Biffa Bacon, Billy the Fish, Bottom Inspectors, Buster GonadJohnny Fartpants, Pathetic SharksRoger Mellie and Sid the Sexist. Paradoxically, many of its characters hold as kindred a place in the hearts of British readers as did their more innocent forebears, with their catchphrases still in common parlance in the UK.

The divisive Big Dave strip in 2000 AD, written by Grant Morrison MBE and Mark Millar and drawn by Steve Parkhouse, also featured an homage to The Fat Slags in the unfortunate forms of Sarah, Duchess of York [Sarah Ferguson] and the late Diana, Princess of Wales [Diana Spencer, aka Princess Di] (1961–1997), in the story Monarchy in the UK‡ (progs 846849 (1993)).

*Probably a reference to English rock band Motörhead’s song Ace of Spades (Bronze, 1980)
**Mr. Dury began his career as a research scientist at the University of Leicester, investigating drought-resistant crops
†Although your correspondent reckons it’s just as good as it ever was, it’s just not in vogue anymore
‡Referring to English punk rock band The Sex Pistols’ debut single Anarchy in the U.K. (EMI, 1976)

Image ©123RF

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