No. 213 – Doomsday Machines

Prog 80’s (1978) Dan Dare story The Doomsday Machine (progs 7985), written by Roy Preston (under the pseudonym Henry Miller) and drawn by Trevor Goring and Gary Leach v various classic spacecraft and paraphernalia from cinema, television and comics; specifically (clockwise from top):

  1. Wings Over the World[1] aircraft from [H.G. Wells’ (1866–1946)] Things to Come (United Artists, 1936)
  2. Thunderbird-3 from Gerry (MBE, 1929–2012) and Sylvia Anderson’s (1927–2016) Thunderbirds (ITC Entertainment, 1965–1966)
  3. The Machine Man/Maria (played by Brigitte Helm (1906–1996)) from Fritz Lang’s (1890–1976) Metropolis (Ufa/Parufamet, 1927)
  4. Eagle Transporter from Space: 1999[2] (ITC Entertainment, 1975–1977)
  5. X-wing starfighter from George Lucas’ Star Wars (20th Century Fox, 1977)
  6. Anastasia, Dare’s own spacecraft, first appearing in the story Red Moon Mystery in Eagle comic (Hulton Press, 1951)
  7. Biog alien spacecraft from Dan Dare
  8. USS Enterprise[3] from Gene Roddenberry’s (1921–1991) Star Trek (1966–1969)
  9. Possibly Fireball XL5 from the television series of the same name (ITC Entertainment, 1962–1963), and perhaps drawn from a reference image in which the tailfin configuration was unclear – but it’s been so long that, when consulted, even Mr. Goring himself couldn’t remember. If you’ve got a better guess, drop us a line


  1. “Wings Over the World” is the rather awkward title of the post-apocalyptic civilisation appearing in the film
  2. Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, creators of Thunderbirds, were also intrinsically involved in the production of Space: 1999
  3. NCC [Naval Construction Contract] -1701 is the Enterprise’s registration number


2 thoughts on “No. 213 – Doomsday Machines

  1. I think you also have the TARDIS above the Eagle, and a Martian spaceship from the 1953 War of the Worlds movie behind the Enterprise/above the Biog ship.


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