No. 187 – Spider-Judge No More

2000 AD FCBD 2014 cover featuring Judge Dredd by Henry Flint v classic panel from Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man #50* (1967) written by Stan Lee (1922–2018), pencilled by John Romita Jr. and inked by Mike Esposito (1927–2010)

One of the most beloved and copied panels in comics history, the cover for this particular Spider-Man issue was also used as a reference for The Incredible Hulk (Universal, 2008) theatrical poster.

Also featured in the 2000 AD FCBD 2014 issue is an homage to Marvel’s Galactus, located in HoH here; and the 2000 AD FCBD 2017 issue, also featuring a Marvel comics homage on its cover, is located in HoH here. Marvel homages on 2000 AD covers for FCBD seem to be bit of a thing.

*The Amazing Spider-Man #50 also featured the fist appearance of the character Kingpin