No. 51 – When Calls Gluetanic!

Gluetanic by Henry Flint from [Tharg’s] Future Shocks: It’s a Dog Eat Dog Universe! from the 2000 AD FCBD 2014 issue vs. Galactus by Jack Kirby (1917–1994) [pencils] (Super-Villain Classics Vol 1 #1, May, 1983)

Created by writer-editor Stan Lee (1922–2018) and artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby, Galactus debuted in Marvel Comics’ The Fantastic Four #48 in March 1966

[Apologies for the poor resolution; this was discovered while browsing in Oxfam and photographed using a mobile phone]

Galactus has also been referenced in progs 858 and 1144.


No. 45 – When Calls Galactus!

Marvel’s Greatest Comics image ©Marvel Entertainment, LLC

Prog 868’s Soul Gun Warrior cover by Shaky Kane vs. [pretty much anything by, but for the sake of illustration] Jack Kirby’s (1917–1994) cover for Marvel’s Greatest Comics #56 When Calls Galactus! (1975)

American comic book artist, writer and editor, Jack Kirby, born Jacob Kurtzberg, is regarded as one of the comic medium’s major innovators and one of its most prolific and influential creators

Galactus has also been referenced in progs 1144 and the 2000 AD FCBD 2014 issue.