No. 163 – Snapshot

Snapshot cover by Mark Simpson (aka Jock) and written by Andy Diggle (aka Dig-L) for Judge Dredd Megazine #322 (2012) v theatrical poster for Sydney Pollack’s (1934–2008) The Firm (1993)

Since the publication of his first novel A Time to Kill in 1987, former lawyer John Grisham (born 1955) has written one novel per year, and even managed to include a brief return to the courtroom in 1996 to win for the family of a railroad worker who was killed on the job a jury award of $683,500 – the most successful verdict of his career.

Far from being a lift, the composition of a figure, or pair of figures, running through an imposing, angled landscape – generally blue in tone, presumably to reinforce a sense of isolation – is so frequently used on film posters as to have become a cliché, and the poster images below are just a handful* of numerous examples:

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No. 104 – Carver Hale/John Constantine 1/2

Hellblazer image ©Time Warner, Inc.

Carver Hale from prog 1236 by Jock vs. John Constantine*

Hale writer Mike Carey stated that he “was aiming to get some of the flavour of Hellblazer, but in a more in-your-face, action-oriented story.”

*Not necessarily this particular cover image, which is by Tim Bradstreet from Hellblazer Vol. 1 #140 (1999).

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