No. 142 – Strong & Pscandalous

Toni Shilleto image ©Paul Raymond Publications[1]

Prog 713’s (1991) Anderson: Psi Division cover by Mick Austin v glamour model and actress Toni Shilleto from Mayfair Vol. 22 No. 04 (1989)

Sci-fi fans will be [ahem] gratified to note that as well as appearing briefly as one of Murray’s (Jeff Nuttall, 1933–2004) Dancers in Scandal (Miramax, 1989), Ms. Shilleto also appeared in the Red Dwarf[2] episode Krytie TV (season 8, episode 5; 1999) as “Woman in shower” (uncredited).

This job does psometimes have its perks.


  1. No, no dodgy links, you filthy beggars
  2. BBC Two 1988–93, 1997–99; Dave 2009, 2012–present

No. 139 – An Elm Street Nightmare

[Spoiler alert!] Some drunk, homeless guy dreaming from prog 635’s Judge Dredd story An Elm Street Nightmare written by John Wagner and drawn by Mick Austin v horror icon Freddy Krueger portrayed by Robert Englund in the film A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Freddy Krueger was rated the 14th greatest villain by Wizard magazine; the British television channel Sky2 listed him 8th; the American Film Institute ranked him 40th on its “AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Heroes and Villains” list; and he won the Best Villain award at the 2010 Scream Awards.