No. 3 – Do Art Droids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Mark Harrison’s Judge Dredd cover for prog 1101 (1998) v Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982) theatrical poster by John Alvin (1948–2008)

Blade Runner (1982) LAPD Headquarters

Few examples of the neo-noir science fiction film genre have had as much influence on the design and atmosphere of the science fiction film and comics genres as Blade Runner, which initially performed poorly at the box office but later garnered a large cult following – it is now considered to be one of the finest examples of its genre ever made.

A Blade Runner Director’s Cut (Warner Bros.) was released in 1992 which jettisoned the original’s voiceover, and a digitally remastered single-disc re-release of the 1992 director’s cut appeared on DVD in 2006. Blade Runner: The Final Cut* (Warner Bros.) was released in 2007.

An underperforming but critically acclaimed sequel, Blade Runner 2049 (Warner Bros./Sony Pictures Releasing), directed by Denis Villeneuve with Harrison Ford returning as Rick Deckard, was released in 2017.

*In which they still managed to overlook the “Let me tell you about my mother” continuity error