No. 41 – Dooms-Dave For Saddam!

Prog 843’s Big Dave cover by Rian Hughes [design: Steve Cook] vs. The Daily Mirror newspaper

Alan McKenzie (2000 AD‘s editor, progs 873–914 (1994)): “Then, my own personal favourite distortion of the logo was on the cover we did for Prog 843 [03 July 1994], the second of the Summer Offensive and the first to feature ‘love him or hate him’ Big Dave. The Daily Mirror had been running a billboard campaign that summer with the tagline, ‘It’s a newspaper, not a comic!’, which was presumably suggesting that The Sun was a comic. I was a little offended by that, as the editorial team felt that our efforts had far more dignity and sophistication than either The Daily Mirror or The Sun. So our ‘red-top’ cover was created in protest. Steve [Cook (graphic designer and artist)] and I sat together at the computer, with a couple of tabloids for reference, and did our own version, with me writing the text as we went. And, of course, we included the tag line on the logo, ‘It’s a comic, not a newspaper.'”

[Source: Alan McKenzie’s]