No. 109 – Waughkenstein

Arnold Schwarzenegger at Mr. Olympia 1974 (photo ©George Butler)

Devlin Waugh by Sean Phillips from Judge Dredd: The Megazine Vol. 2 #5 vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terry-Thomas [sic*] (1911–1990, right panel, insert)

Writer John Smith described Waugh as an hedonist: “… a languorous upper-class misfit, a fop, an ex-public schoolboy with a neat line in sarcasm. A lounge lizard. Imagine Noël Coward as played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.”** Phillips visualised him with the Terry-Thomas trademark gap in his teeth†.

*Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens added the dash to his stage name Terry Thomas in 1946 to form a “trade name” and mimic the gap in his front teeth
** [2000 AD Online “Brand New! Devlin Waugh – Swimming In Blood“, Tumblr] [John Smith Interview by Grant Goggans, Class of ’79]


No. 12 – For Your Eyes Only

Sean Phillips’ Sinister Dexter cover for prog 1087 (1998) v For Your Eyes Only (1981) – the twelfth film of the James Bond series* based on the books** by Ian Fleming (1908–1964) – theatrical poster by Bill Gold (1921–2018)

The tagline “The Hitmen and Her!” refers to British television dance music show The Hit Man and Her (Granada Television, 1988–1992), hosted by Pete Waterman OBE and Michaela Strachan.

The “through-the-legs” composition has become a film poster cliche.

*Roger Moore’s (1927–2017) fifth appearance as Bond
**The eighth Bond book (Jonathan Cape, 1960)