No. 128 – Prog Nineteen Eighty-Four

Prog 1984’s (2016) “The Justice Department is Watching You” Judge Dredd cover by Matt Ferguson v “Big Brother is Watching You” poster from the 1984 film of George Orwell’s (1903–1950) seminal novel Nineteen Eighty-Four [sometimes published as 1984] (Secker & Warburg, 1949)

Pre-eminent among dystopian science-fiction novels, Nineteen Eighty-Four not only popularised the adjective “Orwellian” but also the terms “Big Brother”, “doublethink”, “thoughtcrime”, “Newspeak”, “Room 101” and “memory hole”. The idea for the novel was largely bourne out of Orwell’s concern that post-World War II British democracy would either succumb to a fascist coup d’etat from above or a socialist revolution from below; but later admitted he’d over-thought the whole issue and assumed that war and revolution were inseparable.

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